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Fresh Out of the Pot & Ready to Shine: Our Newest Resin Blanks Are Here!

Calling all pen turners and creative minds! We're bubbling over with excitement to unveil our latest batch of resin blanks, fresh out of the pressure pot and bursting with vibrant possibilities. These beauties haven't just been poured, they've been pressurized to perfection, ensuring crystal clear results and a flawless finish for your next masterpiece.

More Than Just Fresh:

These blanks aren't just new; they're crafted with the highest quality Alumilite resin for exceptional durability and a flawless finish. They're also easy to work with, making them perfect for pen turners and crafters of all skill levels.

Be the first to experience the magic of our newest creations! Explore the latest collection of resin blanks, fresh out of the pressure pot and ready to ignite your creativity!

Resin pen blanks - Red White & Boom
Resin pen blanks - Teal Steel
Resin pen blanks - OMG Pink
Resin pen blanks - Amethyst
Resin pen blanks - Sea Glass
Resin pen blanks - Wild Orchid
Resin pen blanks - Yukon River
Resin pen blanks - Tourmaline
Resin pen blanks - Purple & Gold
Resin pen blanks - Blacklight
Resin pen blanks - Blacklight Glow